During his visit to the Fraunhofer Project Center-UFBA, we interviewed the Fraunhofer IESE Director Dieter Rombach. Check below his expectations for our research center:

What do you think is important about this partnership between the Fraunhofer Institute and UFBA?

This is one of the strategic partnerships of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Germany. We have several centers abroad. And we always have strategic relationships with good universities. That’s one of the principles of Fraunhofer. To combine or integrate basic research and applied research. We focus on applied research but we can’t do this without having a connection to good basic research institutions and that’s what UFBA is.

How do you see the research scenario in Brazil right now?

I think there is excellent research beacause I watch these international conferences and there’s lots of Brazilians. I think the challenge here right now is not so much the research level. Also we can complement this, I mean, in terms of the Fraunhofer Project Center, we combine competences from Germany and competences from Brazil. I think the challenge is much more that here we have many start-up small companies which are not yet at the level of maturity to appreciate the value of innovation, especially not software innovation.


I made a joke and I said what we want to do is go from FPC 1.0 to FPC 2.0. Which means we have achieved a lot of things in terms of good personnel, good research competences and now we have to establish larger industry colaborations. So that’s the major objective for the rest of this year.